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Top Photo Booth Ideas For Your Wedding

You can never a miss an opportunity for a good click and an amazing #nofilter post on Instagram! And what better place to grab a click or more like thousands, than in a wedding! If it is to brag about how much better your wedding was, than Deborah next door or if it is simply to share your joy with every known and unknown person on Facebook, setting up a special place for it seems to be the ideal choice. After all, while it is totally cool to go around snapping pics at the throne or on the aisle or may be even at the table, it is better if there was one place set up especially for it. So here are some ideas for you design such a place, at your wedding.

The typical old fashion

Going for the good ole formal and typical style is one idea you could use to set up your own photo stand at your wedding. Set up a cubicle like space decorated with vintage décor and some cool chalk board painted sheets directing and highlighting the stand. You could also use some wedding prop hire Sydney, to add an extra quirk to the pictures rather than simply sticking to the usual style.

The hippie trailer

Embracing the free and peace spirit of the hippies, you could set up a stand with a cool vintage trailer and some equally hippie kind decorations. You could throw in some dream catchers, a few peace signs here and there and don’t forget the vibrant and highlighting colors! After all, aren’t they all about it? You could also get some prop hire as a little added touch to the pictures or may be even DIY some of your own!

The best weirdo of the day

This is another cool idea you could try. And what’s best is that this concept or idea could be used at almost any ceremony or function. All you have got to do is set out a polaroid camera, a gorgeous scrap book, a stand and may be a sign. Let your guests do the rest! Be sure to also set the necessary sharpies and other essentials as well. This way you don’t even have to bother with professionally designed albums with posed pics, when you have got better ones with more meaning and value!

A quirky fill-in

Now you can also design and set out stand up boards for the guests to fill in and fit in to the portrait. Let your imagination go wild with the endless possibilities for the weirdest pics of the day, and design the ideal one for your wedding. A picture has a thousand memories behind it, so be sure to capture them all!